Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Here below are my doors with all paint etc removed, doesn't it look horrid?

It look;s very scratched but in fact I have given it a good sanding after stripping of all the paint
and decoration.
I'm hoping that I have enough paint to finish it all as I've used quite a lot on other job's maybe 
I'll thin it a bit to make it go further

Doors now painted, I really love this colour although it will be slightly darker when it's finished
I also think the hinges are fabulous really chinoiserie looking, there is another piece to go over the lock
 if I can remember where it is.

This is my most favourite chinoiserie fabric it's Jane Churchill Cathay Gardens printed in 1996
but all I have are a few remnants as it is not printed any more. There was a pair of curtains on ebay once
but they were the wrong colour. I used it for the design on the clock test and the piano.I thought about using it for the cabinet but have decided to use some original antique designs I have instead.
 Hope to get started Tomorrow