Monday, 28 December 2009

Miniature Furniture

This is another love of mine Miniature Furniture.

1/12th I'v made two room boxes and am now working on a cabinett

(but not very quickly) Ill put some pictures of it under construction later.

But here are the two small room boxes

Boxes ect

more birds the wardrobes were in my last house bedroom . They were white melomane and boring

I really love bird painting

As I have not done any more work on my piano I thought I would put some pictures of other work I have done

Monday, 5 October 2009

I havent done much more on my piano just a little gilding as Iv been trying to design my Christmas cards.

But I'v made a sugar craft autumn top for afriends birthday cake ( I don't make the cake as Im hopeless.)

I didnt use all the flowers I'd made as the yellow roses looked too big. I hope she likes it

Saturday, 19 September 2009

My Chinoiserie piano project

Well now I get down to the delicate bit raising the pattern with gesso .

this takes quite a long time

Thursday, 17 September 2009

My piano project

I have put three blogs on at once as

  • I'm not really sure how it works

  • Just leaving it black doesn't look very exiting

So here's the next stage chalking on the patterns

My piano project

As I looked at my piano I felt sorry for it, it reminded me of an old workhorse that had come to the end of its usefulness and been replaced for a younger model. Now some lucky horses find a nice new home to retire in so why shouldn't my piano?

I'm going to give it a makeover.

When I was a young girl ( I can still remember that Just) My sister and I used to sit either side of our poppa on a long stool

at his pianola, some of the rolls had words on and we used to sing to them , my favourite one was about a toy maker who's toys came alive at night but the best thing was the pianola it was decorated with black chinoiserie It was gorgeous and I loved it, so to cut a long story short I learnt how to do it and now my old piano will be a black chinoiserie one.

Step one Paint it black.

I have always wanted to play the piano, so as one of the things I want to do before I depart from this world I decided at 66 years old to do it but no piano.

Well would you believe it,two weeks later someone had donated a piano to my church that was in considerably better condition than the old one the poor old thing that everyone including the playschool had banged on for years.

It was asked at the Sunday morning service if anyone wanted the old one before it was disposed of.


My husband was not well pleased but hey a girl has to have a hobby (or two or three or four etc.)

After a few weeks two big strong men delivered it and placed it in my back room where the sun shines and here it is poor thing