Saturday, 19 October 2013

Chinoiserie revamp cabinete 3

Now the design has been applied I hope you can make it out as I only draw it faintly 
Now for the relief work I enjoy doing this as it gives the design real definition and although it makes the project look really good it is only one of the early stages and there are many more to go
Halfway through this I'm hoping to finish it tonight.
It seems to be going really well I'm soooooooooo loveing it

Meanwhile here is a cushion that I stencilled and quilted and added a few glass beads.Quilting is such a relaxing craft

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Here below are my doors with all paint etc removed, doesn't it look horrid?

It look;s very scratched but in fact I have given it a good sanding after stripping of all the paint
and decoration.
I'm hoping that I have enough paint to finish it all as I've used quite a lot on other job's maybe 
I'll thin it a bit to make it go further

Doors now painted, I really love this colour although it will be slightly darker when it's finished
I also think the hinges are fabulous really chinoiserie looking, there is another piece to go over the lock
 if I can remember where it is.

This is my most favourite chinoiserie fabric it's Jane Churchill Cathay Gardens printed in 1996
but all I have are a few remnants as it is not printed any more. There was a pair of curtains on ebay once
but they were the wrong colour. I used it for the design on the clock test and the piano.I thought about using it for the cabinet but have decided to use some original antique designs I have instead.
 Hope to get started Tomorrow

Monday, 14 October 2013

                   Revamping my Storage Cabinet

  After seeing this beautiful Cabinet on  chinoiseriechic.blogspot  which is a great blog all about Chinoiserie                         style,including furniture and fabrics, I knew I was going to paint my craft cabinet just like it.

I already had a cabinet painted in a similar colour. Annie Sloane's chalk paint Aubusson blue.Love it.
Well I had painted the doors and put a quick finish on it. (below)The rest is awaiting as I didn't like what I had done.
But now I am inspired
 It's just an old t v cabinet, nobody seems to want them anymore as the new wide t v's wont 
fit into them, there too wide. Put a plywood back on them and there great storage

I'v painted a test on the side of a clock I bought from an a Church auction Quite like the affect.
So as soon as I'v cleaned the old finish off , hopefully tomorrow I'll be repainting