Monday, 14 October 2013

                   Revamping my Storage Cabinet

  After seeing this beautiful Cabinet on  chinoiseriechic.blogspot  which is a great blog all about Chinoiserie                         style,including furniture and fabrics, I knew I was going to paint my craft cabinet just like it.

I already had a cabinet painted in a similar colour. Annie Sloane's chalk paint Aubusson blue.Love it.
Well I had painted the doors and put a quick finish on it. (below)The rest is awaiting as I didn't like what I had done.
But now I am inspired
 It's just an old t v cabinet, nobody seems to want them anymore as the new wide t v's wont 
fit into them, there too wide. Put a plywood back on them and there great storage

I'v painted a test on the side of a clock I bought from an a Church auction Quite like the affect.
So as soon as I'v cleaned the old finish off , hopefully tomorrow I'll be repainting