Thursday, 17 September 2009

My piano project

As I looked at my piano I felt sorry for it, it reminded me of an old workhorse that had come to the end of its usefulness and been replaced for a younger model. Now some lucky horses find a nice new home to retire in so why shouldn't my piano?

I'm going to give it a makeover.

When I was a young girl ( I can still remember that Just) My sister and I used to sit either side of our poppa on a long stool

at his pianola, some of the rolls had words on and we used to sing to them , my favourite one was about a toy maker who's toys came alive at night but the best thing was the pianola it was decorated with black chinoiserie It was gorgeous and I loved it, so to cut a long story short I learnt how to do it and now my old piano will be a black chinoiserie one.

Step one Paint it black.