Friday, 29 March 2013

March 2013 miniatures plus

I wish I could work out how to make a fab blog but I cant seem to get to grips with it.
or have the time to work it out. I just hope you can see and read all this
Here goes.

This is my stall at Miniatura Birmingham N E C with my beautiful assistant Pam who always helps me
and we have a great weekend. like a mini holiday(must change the date on my camera)
We did quite well but was amazed at the amount triptics we sold, Chinoiserie and fairy.
Also had loads of suggestions for others Victorian and Edwardian ladies also Chinoiserie scenes.

This next picy is of my beautiful tidy workroom He He He, I call it the do it all room
as we watch telly, do crafts, play the piano (still doing the lessons)
Eat and look out at the garden
When I was at the N E C I bought a 1/48th house kit from Petite Properties
as if i,v not enough to do but they were so cute. I have almost finished it and I have used Annie Sloane paints so I can say I'v painted my complete house in Annie Sloane
This has made me look at some of my unfinished projects one being a small clock
it's to big  for 1/48th and too small for 1/12th will try 1/24th?
i'm making a floor from coffee stirers and french polishing them 
On a different subject last year I lost 11 of my lovely chicken to a FOX it upset me greatly but life goes on 
and as its Easter I thought you might like a picy of my new batch of chicks

 Thats all for Today folks as I'v to lock the chicken up I would love to here from anyone? any input would be good Happy Easter God Bless